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Your favorite MILF,Amazing Astrid, has great gallery for you guys. The blonde MILF showed off her amazing curves once more in front of the camera. In case you guys were missing her and her amazing body here you have it. The curvy mature had an amazing time and you get to be a part of it all. Astrid gotta be one of the hottest MILF out there. But you guys shouldn’t forget about the 50 plus milfs sex scenes, those nasty MILFs don’t play around either. Astrid kept it simple in this one, just her proving us why she’s the best. The blonde MILF was wearing a sexy black and red dress, black stocking and high heels.

Although she kept her outfit classy that doesn’t mean a thing because once the camera started rolling we all got to see the Astrid we all love. The curvy mature gave us an amazing preview of her curves as soon as she began taking off her clothes, one by one. By the end of this one the only things on her were her sexy stockings and those high heels. So get ready to see Astrid getting naked like she always does, playing with those huge tits and stuffing her pussy. You didn’t actually thought that she was going to stop after some nude pictures, did you? Astrid has a lot more surprises below so be sure to check them out and tell us what you think about them!


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Amazing Astrid Video With Angel Jenny

Last updated: February 13th, 2017
Another fresh week and time for yet another Amazing Astrid video for you to see guys. This time the blonde MILF needed some more help with her pussy today and so she decided to call in a extra pair of helping hands. She got around to call her best friend Angel Jenny that’s always looking to have some fun times, and never shies away from some lesbian action either. So you get to see the superb girl on girl action that went down between these two as they will spend the whole afternoon having hot lesbian sex today.

When she got Astrid’s call, Jenny was already bolting to the door to head to her’s place. Once there the horny mature greeted her with a big smile and arms wide open. The two get straight to work as they start to kiss one another passionately for your viewing pleasure, of course all exploited moms here are doing the same. You can also see the hotties as then they decide to start working on those eager and wet pussies with their expert hands. So watch them pleasing one another’s cunts in this scene guys. Be sure to check out the past AmazingAstrid updates for some more superb scenes as well!


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Amazing Astrid Stripping on the couch

It’s time for some more videos and once more the sexy Amazing Astrid goes out of her way to put on a nice show for everyone today. This time she came back from a party and she felt really eager to have some fun with her pussy. So she simply unbuttoned her shirt to reveal that big pair of tits of hers as they were held by a nice and sexy red bra. And that’s not all as you will see.


As the cameras roll you can also see that she’s wearing her cream colored stockings and she doesn’t even need to take them off, as unknown to you, she has no panties underneath. Meaning that she could go wild on her cunt without even needing to undress. Watch her as she rubs her wet cunt for your entertainment today everyone and enjoy the show as always. We’ll be back next week as usual with more of Astrid’s scenes.

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Amazing Astrid – Down and dirty on the floor

Keeping her record clean, the naughty blonde has more Amazing Astrid videos to show off today as she needs to deliver them to you as promised today. For this one it was spontaneous as she was minding her own business around the house and she then suddenly felt herself turned on, feeling her naughty pussy getting wet. And that’s why you can see her as she’s dressed in her usual every day clothes. Well either way you will get to see the amazing blonde play with herself for your viewing pleasure once more in these amazing and fresh videos.

She didn’t even bother to go back to her room and take a comfy spot on the bed. She just went ahead and went at it on the floor. Watch her as she shows off her big tits to you and then watch her massage her lovely body as she makes her way down. Then you can watch AmazingAstrid play with her ass and pussy as well as she needs some pleasing desperately. She hopes you enjoyed your stay today everyone and she’ll be back next time with even more awesome content. Bit bye everyone and see you next week!


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Playing in the mirror

Hey there once more guys, this is a fresh new week and some more Amazing Astrid pictures are headed your way to start off this how week with the right mood. For this one, the sexy and hot MILF decides to have another self pleasing session as you get to watch her please herself once more today. But this time she went full naughty mode as she conceived a new fantasy. She wanted to see her pussy being pleased from another angle as she’d be doing some fine work on it and so AmazingAstrid grabbed a near by mirror.


As the cameras start rolling, the superb mature woman gets straight to work, as she reveals her eager and cock hungry pussy for your viewing pleasure. And then you can see her rubbing her wet pussy as she watches herself masturbate in the mirror. And it seems to have quite the nice effect as it turns her on more and more. Well that’s about it for this scene as well everyone, we hope you enjoyed it as always and just like usual you can come back next week for some more fresh and awesome scenes with this sexy MILF.

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Amazing Astrid – Satin nylons

Today we have quite an amazing gallery as you will see the blonde hottie Amazing Astrid as she gets to show off her amazing body once more. And you could say that she was extra naughty for today. This time se found a nice and sexy white satin dress that she fancied and she’d be striping out of it for you today. She paired it with a nice pair of white satin panties and a pair of cream colored stockings. And this whole outfit made your resident lusty blonde mature look incredibly hot this fine day. So without further due, sit back and watch her as she will do her usual routine taking off the clothes and show off her sexy nude body.

As you know by now, if this hot woman knows how to do one thing absolutely right, it’s the fact that she really knows how to tease you, her viewers with her incredible body. You can say that this mature woman serves as proof that even mature ladies can still look hot, and hey they have more experience anyways. But we digress. So without any more delays, sit back and watch AmazingAstrid as she does her fine solo shoot for you today. We can say fir sure that you’ll love this little gallery of hers, and if you want more of her you can check out her past updates as well, you won’t regret it and you’ll be in for superb scenes as well. Bye guys!

 amazing-astrid-in-satin-nylons sexy-astrid-in-leopard-printed-heels

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Sexy pink lingerie and stockings

Another fresh week and we have some more Amazing Astrid videos for you to see this fine day. This time she wants to do a self pleasing session, and you get front row seats as always to enjoy her scene. So let’s get to it and see her amazing scene for today. She was dressed in a very sexy and black lingerie outfit that she was sure it would entice and tease you today.

As the cameras roll, this beautiful blonde proceeds to take her seat on the couch as she’s telling you what’s going to tell you what is going to go down today. So watch her pull her panties aside as she does a fine job to spread her legs wide open, and watch her as she then starts to finger fuck herself for your viewing pleasure. As always enjoy the AmazingAstrid scene and see you next week! If you liked this scene check out the site and see other beauties in stockings masturbating for the camera!


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Amazing Astrid – Punishing the naughty maid

We have another gallery for you to enjoy today. Again miss Amazing Astrid takes the role of a sexy dominatrix as she takes advantage of her sexy slaves for this one. As one might imagine she wasn’t alone for this one, and the lady joining her was another hottie just as dirty minded as her and she was the one to be on the receiving end for today’s session. Oh and let’s not forget her amazing outfit. She was dressed in a very sexy and hot latex maid outfit that simply makes you want to tap that sweet ass of hers.


When the cameras start rolling, you can see the AmazingAstrid mistress sitting on the couch as she is getting bored. Well she decides to call in her maid to have some fun dominating her for this afternoon for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment everyone. Watch the sexy latex maid as she gets be be very submissive towards her harsh mistress today. Well all in all both women had fun for this gallery today and let’s hope there will be more like this in the future. We’re taking our leave guys, so enjoy it and see you next time!Until then, check out these horny ladies making out! Also you might watch a great sapphic video and see other beautiful lesbian chicks fucking!


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Day at the pool

This gorgeous blonde comes back with more fresh scenes for you to see. And this fine day the main theme seems to be the pool side as the sexy blonde AmazingAstrid wants to show off her brand new bikini as well. Well that and it was really hot so this was the perfect excuse to go to the poolside. And she was all dressed in a very sexy bikini outfit with white and black stripes and the MILF was also eager to take it off as you might imagine. Either way you will be in for a great show today with her and you just have to see the gallery. So sit back and relax, as this hottie will grace you with her superb curves today by the pool side and you can also see her strip.


As the scene starts Amazing Astrid makes her appearance in her bikini that we described earlier and she is really eager to take it off. Watch her as at first she shows off her amazing and sexy tits for you, only to continue teasing you as she plays in the water and then posing sensually. She knows what she has to do and what you came here to see, and you can be sure that she will reveal even more for you by the end. But we’ll let you discover that for yourselves. So enjoy her superb pictures today everyone, and also be sure to not miss the next updates, or also any update for that matter. She’ll have some pretty nice treats for you. For similar content, watch this sexy mature secretary getting wild!

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Amazing Astrid – Playing on the pink couch

Hey there once more everyone, this fine day we have some great videos for you to see of the superb MILF Amazing Astrid. This time the sexy mature felt in a very playful mood and you’d get to see her nice video clip as she aims to play with herself for your viewing pleasure for the whole length of the sexy clip. So let’s see what this gorgeous blonde has prepared for you in this nice and fresh movie clip today.

As the scene starts Astrid is already half nude and with her legs spread wide open on the pink couch as she wants to start off her playful session. Have a great time watching her as she finger fucks herself for your viewing pleasure everyone. We can tell you that you’ll be in for quite the show with the amazing blonde AmazingAstrid in this superb video!


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